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These monster machines are changing the world of construction(video)

If you are a bit closer to the construction industry, you realize that things are slowly changing. But there is more to it than that; some machines are reshaping the construction industry.

Technology, like every other area, gives direction to the construction industry as well. Especially some construction machines are pushing the boundaries of technology with their huge designs and their strengths. Here are 6 monster machines of the construction industry:

1- The ScreedSaver BOSS 240:

This highly complex machine is used to level concrete. The sharp blades at the end provide perfect smoothness and there is no confusion with the GPS connection.
2- The Hunklinger: This special machine makes bricklaying a rather difficult task much faster and easier. It can place 1000 bricks in any size and shape in as short a time as one hour.

3- Monstrous Excavator:

This $ 100 million monster is 94 meters tall and weighs 15,500 tons. A special machine designed for mines can produce 240,000 tons of rock per day.

4- The BMM300:

This special machine makes the production of bricks very easy.

5- RPS6 Road Printer:

RPS6 is making road construction extremely fast. All the road workers need to do is to machine the bricks and pull the RPS6 back. He’s taking care of the rest.


This 6,700-ton monster was developed to dig a 3-kilometer-long Seattle tunnel. The machine, which has a diameter of 57.5 meters, carries out excavations for a long time.

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