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The world’s first gold bank card with a price of US $ 23 thousand was printed.

The British Mint issued the world’s first 18-carat gold bank card. 50 cards produced in the first stage “Raris” named card, will be sold for 23 thousand 700 dollars. As you can imagine, in order to have this debit card, you need to have a solid bank account.

Today, banking transactions are generally carried out through debit and credit cards. These cards are generally made of plastic and some of them can work without contact. However, a bank card issued by the Royal Mint of the British Mint and produced only 50 in the first place, finds buyers for exactly $ 23,700. This is due to the fact that this card is made of 18-carat gold.

Royal Mint announced that this card, which is made of 18-carat gold, is designed for people who value fashion and luxury products. However, in order to have this card, you have to disregard 23 thousand 700 dollars. Also, even if you forget this money “Raris” called this card is produced only 50 pieces, so you need to keep your hand quickly.

Introducing 18 carat gold bank card Raris


The name and signature of the customer are on the bank card named Raris. Royal Mint says this card was designed to meet the needs of consumers. However, this card can only be used as an account card. So it is not possible to use Raris as a credit card. Expenses from this card are deducted from customers’ account balances. In addition, the most remarkable part of this card is that it does not charge transaction fees wherever it is used in the world.

In a statement made by the Royal Mint, it was stated that Raris will benefit customers in many areas. So that customers can benefit from some privileges such as “concierge” service, which we frequently come across in places like hotels. England Mint; they say they combine the payment methods of the future with the 1,100-year-old traditions of the mint, and that Raris emerges.

The world’s first gold bank card with a price of US $ 23 thousand was printed.
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