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The Value of Crypto Money Falls (bitcoin price)

Since the beginning of 2018, cryptic money, without knowing its value, has begun to return to its previous values for months. It is especially surprising that Bitcoin has gone under a $ 9,000 bar after a long wait.

But there are remarkable reasons for this. After the biggest theft of the history of crypto money in China last week, we experienced loss of trust in a global sense, especially in Asian countries. Even Japan, the closest country to crypto paralysis, has begun to warn crypto money exchanges with various legal limitations and measures.

On the other hand, in countries with high population and a high number of investors like India, the government’s attempts to ban crypto paralysis affect local investors. The sale of reserves in Hindi investors’ hands, crypto money in general, which is depreciating in market value, has a significant decline in trading value.

Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, has been down for the past 1 month:

Bitcoin’s most valuable day in January was the 6th of the month. In the ongoing process, it continued to fall drastically in the form of fluctuations. As of February 2, the market value of the cryptocurrency, which has fallen below the $ 9,000 barrel, has fallen from about $ 300 billion to $ 142 billion. Bitcoin has experienced more than 20% depreciation only in the last 7 days.

Ethereum, the second largest crypto money in terms of market value, is also depreciating,

So Russian controlled Ethereum experienced a depreciation of 23% in the last 7 days, with a very close approach of 1500 dollars in a month and stressful ups and downs. The market value of crypto money fell from about 140 billion dollars to 88 billion dollars

Ripple has left Ethereum behind in the past month and was the second biggest crypto money in terms of market value, and the downturn hit it:

Ripple, which recently experienced a depreciation of 11.9% in price, has fallen below $ 1 after a very long time. The depreciation in the last 7 days is 35.50%.

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