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The Tesla Model Y has 4 Differences to its Competitors in the Market

Last week, the passenger car model 3 35-dollar price of the Internet offering Tesla, SUV model introduces the new model Y car . With a total of 4 different performance options, the starting price of the vehicle is 39 thousand dollars. We refer to the car’s striking features and its closest competitors.

Tesla scared the traditional companies in the automotive sector even though they were twice as big as they were, and was on stage with the new off-road vehicle Model Y. There are 4 different versions of the vehicle and these versions will be released in 2020 to 2021.

Let’s put the features that are common to every 4 Model Y before. If you want to see the price of each one, you can browse the last item of the list.

One of the safest SUVs:

Tesla Model Y came to the forefront of neutral security tests organized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association of the United States and snatched 5 stars. Model Y is as heavy and heavy as its rivals, but reduces the risk of death with technologies and design to ensure the safety of passengers during crash tests.

Almost all vehicles Tesla has launched in recent years are not receiving more than 5 stars from these security tests. There is a possibility that the tests may be biased, but it is unlikely that a firm, which is said to be open to the global market and will be able to take the throne of Ford in the coming years, will take risks with bi-lateral tests.

The model Y is as functional as a terrain vehicle but is as agile as a sports car:

The most important habit of Tesla is to offer the feeling of sports car in all its vehicles. Model Y also gets his share of this habit. The highest performance version of the vehicle is from 0 to 100 to 3.5 seconds. Let us state that their competitors are extremely cumbersome, and during this acceleration they consume gasoline like sponges.

Panoramic windshield, like a small hut 1.9 cubic meters of internal volume, 6 seats except the driver:

Tesla’s design elements are more than a front grille or headlights. Model Y has a panoramic windshield as in most Tesla vehicles. Each of the passengers, which are listed as 2-3-2 persons, can watch the sky from front to back. The windshield comes on the vehicle and is completed on the roof.

Of course, the lack of a gasoline engine, the expansion of the interior of the Model Y provides. Tesla removes 2 seats on the rear of the vehicle in dual-engine and performance versions. Even if you take the most expensive version of the vehicle, you can travel 5 people including the driver.

Standard and long-range models do not have a second motor, because the rear volume is used for +2 seats. Thus, the car’s capacity rises to 7 people.

Autopilot and software updates of course:

Like all Tesla vehicles that are currently on sale, Model Y also features an autopilot. Tesla, who is unable to publish the full autopilot update due to legal obligations at the moment, has promised Model Y.

Final versions of in-car software and software performance enhancements will be instantly transmitted to Model Y customers.

Technical specifications of all versions of Model Y:

Stay tuned to be informed of the details.

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