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The Secret of Muamua, the First Interstellar object of the Solar System, has emerged!


It turned out to be what Oumuamua, the first astronomical object discovered in our past days and seen in our Solar System, is.

Observed in October, the first time we passed, and seemed to be spaced at the end of the secret of Oumuamua, which is trying to determine whether there is an astronaut or a spacecraft through radio signals since then.This celestial crescendo, which resembles a cigar and a lengthy hurdle by its shape, is long gone. The following scientists with the ‘Green Bank Telescope’ explained their first findings:

It is known that the named research team, Breakthrough Listen, which is studying long-standing celestial objects, has added about 750.000 celestial objects to the catalog so far. If Oumuamua was different for them, the speed and the unusual shape at the abnormal level became. As a matter of fact, this meteor of 26.3 km /

“Or are we alone at the scene?” Susun’s answer is unfortunately still unknown for the moment. We should also mention that scientists continue to Oumuamua’s observation and testing process. Finally, to our curious followers: Oumuamua was read as “Oh-moo-ah-moo-ah”, meaning ‘the first messenger from far away’


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