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The Places An Eagles Visited In 20 Years

The data collected by the GPS device on the back of an eagle that was found dead in Saudi Arabia helped to map the animal’s 20-year journey.

nown as the ruler of the heavens, the eagles have won the admiration of people throughout history. It was no coincidence that the symbol of dozens of states from the Seljuks to the USA was eagles.

A study in Russia revealed how amazing these creatures were. 20 years ago, a GPS inserted in the GPS, his journey through his life step by step was recorded.

The device on the back of the animal found in Saudi Arabia, the device appeared 20 years ago. Eagle, his life all the time from Russia to Sudan many times. For an unknown reason, the animal did not approach the Caucasus or the sea at all.

British Birds research team, 16 desert eagle before the study and the average flight distance was determined as 335 kilometers per day. These creatures make up about one quarter of their flights for immigration and more than forty percent of them for mating.

The GPS results are consistent with these findings and the discoveries follow the discoveries that the eagles are constantly moving, migratory creatures.

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