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The photos the whole world is talking about: isn’t Steve Jobs dead?

Social media was the scene of an interesting event last weekend. It was claimed that Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, did not die. A photo of a person who is very similar to Steve Jobs, the spread of social media allegedly hiding in Egypt to Jobs.

One of Apple’s founders, Steve Jobs, died in 2011, eight years after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The likelihood of a similarity to the photos Steve Jobs ultimately has confused Apple fans.

The photo was shared by many Reddit users during the weekend. Originally followed by many on Twitter, Reddit claimed that Steve Jobs did not hide in Egypt and did not die. When we look at the photographs carefully, we can easily say that the person in the photo is very similar to Steve Jobs.

This, of course, confused social media. Conspiracy theorists immediately claimed that Steve Jobs did not die. The CEO, who died at the age of 56, left many people wondering if he would be in Egypt.


Of course, like many claims in social media, this became a subject of humor after a while. First of all, when a Reddit user doesn’t have an Apple Watch that looks like Steve Jobs, he says, “Doesn’t Steve Jobs wear an Apple Watch?” He did not withdraw after commenting on humor in social media.

Before mentioning humor in social media, theoreticians who could form conspiracy theories about Steve Jobs said that the man in the photo wanders around barefoot and that Steve Jobs likes to travel in this way.


If we start with humor here, a Twitter user tweeted this topic. First of all, it is worth mentioning that Steve Jobs’ s name means “job” in English. A Twitter user, Steve Jobs, wrote Steve Jobs (Steve “business”) and ‘Steve no job’ (Steve ‘unemployed’).


In addition, another user said that if Steve Jobs survived, he would not remain silent against the ceramic coating on the new Apple Watch.


The photos the whole world is talking about: isn’t Steve Jobs dead?
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