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He is not the only living person to exceed his average life expectancy. In other creatures, they can live longer than expected and live a long life compared to their live groups. What are the oldest animals on earth?

Sharks can live around 400 years, crows about 250 years. There is even a species of jellyfish that sees in the seas and is described as immortal. Old age does not mean living in the same time for every living thing. Some creatures on earth, II. They saw World War II and the Industrial Revolution.

According to the latest data of the World Health Organization, the average human life is 72 years. The creatures you will see in this list are the creatures who have the privilege to see their grandchildren ‘s grandchildren. Let’s look at the oldest living creatures that have been discovered on earth.

The oldest female gorilla ” Fatou ” is 61 years old!

Moreover, the average life expectancy of the gorillas is 40 years. Colo a gorilla living in the Colombian Zoo in Ohio, USA, was known as the oldest gorilla by 2017. When she passed away, she was replaced by two gorillas, Fatou, who is now 61 years old. One of the twin gorillas is in the Berlin Zoo, Germany. The other gorilla lives in the Arkansas Zoo, USA.

The oldest living male gorilla belongs to Ozzy, whose 58th birthday in the Atlanta Zoo, USA.

The oldest albatross bird Wisdom is 68 years old!

Sea birds albatrosses, which can extend up to a width of 3.3 meters when their wings are opened, can survive for an average of 12 to 40 years and rarely for more than 50 years. Wisdom (Wisdom), who lives in the United States, has managed to get above average. Wisdom flies on the same route every year and lays in his nest in the Midway Coral Island in the North Pacific. He’s going back to North America on a regular basis.

The oldest female elephant Ambika is 71 years old!

Ambika, who is one of the residents of the natural life park in Washington, USA, left behind the 50-year average of Asian elephants. In 2003, 86-year-old Lin Wang named an elephant died in Taiwan, the record passed to Ambika’s. Another 70-year-old film in the US state of Tennessee, Shirley, continues his life.

The oldest cockatoo Fred is 104 years old!

The bird species we know as parrots actually have 20 different subtypes. The cocktails are also one of them and we are known for their white colors. These birds, with an average life of 60 years, can live up to 100 years if they are taken captive. So yes, Fred is a captive bird. He is cared for in the Bonorong Wildlife Area in Tasmania.

A parrot named Cocky Bennett, who survived the age of 100 years before Fred, had survived for 120 years and died in 1916.

The oldest land turtle Jonathan is 187 years old!

Land turtles can live for long periods if they have a lucky life. Jonathan, born in the Seychelles Islands, continues to grow. He also owns a Guinness World Record in the category of Gu The Oldest Land Livestock ness. He was brought to his home country in the South Atlantic, 50 years after his birth. Helena Island is her only home.

The oldest tuatara lizard Henry is 120 years old!

These creatures, known as Tuatara and resembling lizards physically, are like a living fossil. The average life expectancy is 100 years. They are generally seen in the 32 island regions of New Zealand and the surrounding area. Henry is a grandfather who has noticed 20 of his peers. He was a living host of the Southland Museum in New Zealand, which was subsequently closed down. Now she’s hanging out with her carers.

The oldest Greenland whale was 211 years old!

It’s hard to name the whales. They are calm sea creatures of deep waters. They shatter their size and always warm their hearts with their hearts. Greenland whales are known to live for 200 years. In 2007, a group of Eskimo caught a whale could be identified with spears on it. One of the spears stuck in the body of the whale was produced in the early 1800s. The poor whale was apparently at least 211 years old.

The oldest shark is over 392 years old!

It’s hard to describe sharks like whales. Greenland sharks, whose average life span can reach up to 272 years, can have exceptional members from time to time. In a study conducted in 2016, a female Greenland shark had traces of a minimum of 335, maximum 392 years old. According to the records, it was approximately 5 meters long and with a fin aperture of 4.9 meters wide. Members of this species grow an average of 1 centimeter a year after their birth. The account is yours.

The oldest oyster, Ming, was 507 years old!

Would you have thought that an oyster might have been born 200 centuries before the French Revolution? The have quahogs in oysters, a kind of ocean crustacean, have an average life of between 100 and 200 years. This extraordinary member, known as Ming, was found to be 507 years old when he was off Iceland in 2006.


The oldest coral is over 5000 years old!

Some members of the ın elkhorns ı, a special coral species found in the Caribbean and Florida, have been alive for over 5,000 years. These corals, which are the greatest sources of life in the ocean, are unfortunately declining day by day. According to the results of research in 2016, the elkhorn corals are said to be even older.

There is an “immortal jellyfish in the seas:

Tuttritopsis, a strange species, is theoretically almost immortal. As the old age, the members of this living group, who set sail towards the sea floor, pass onto the surface as polyps and hold onto the floor. After this stage, life continues as a plant, and in time, it turns into a jellyfish and completes its cycle.

If any Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish is damaged or suffers from starvation, it does not expect aging to become a polyp. Immediately, he takes his measure and goes down to the seabed to become a polyp, again jellyfish. Scientists are trying to elucidate how this kind of jellyfish breaks its life cycle by continuing genetic research.

The oldest animals may have never contacted people until today. We know the gold of the seas less than the near space, and there are ancient creatures that have reigned since ancient times.

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