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The next iPhone is rumored to be able to charge up your other gadgets

Huawei’s industry-leading wireless reverse charging technology is also available on the Galaxy S10.

Huawei’s wireless reverse charging feature continues to spread. The technology used on the flagship of several brands so far has been liked by a large segment, but there is a segment that thinks it is completely useless.

Japanese blogger Mac Otakara excited Apple customers in a new article. Otakara claimed that the new iPhone models to be introduced will use wireless reverse charging and charge all Apple accessories. If Otakara’s details are correct, accessories such as Apple Watch and AirPods can be easily charged using the new iPhone.

It seems logical that Apple has also blinked this technology because we recently saw wireless reverse charging on Huawei and Samsung’s flagships.

Rumors about the issue will become clearer in the coming months. Because every year in September we meet a new iPhone.

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