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The next frontier for batteries is helping to power massive ships

New technology from the Italian city of Trieste will be tested to be tested on a tugboat called Vilja, which is located at the port of Luleå, on the northern coast of Sweden.

 The Finnish energy company Wärtsila built a hybrid center to test and develop batteries and energy storage systems. Forget the technology of Toyota and BMW; These hybrid engines are designed for ships.

Giulio Tirelli, the manager of the Italian Wärtsila company, announced that the batteries that have been installed on ships have been used as an emergency energy source. Second generation batteries are not an additional feature to ships; he said that the engine is built with the engine to optimize power production.

The result can be defined as a kind of “two-in-one” motor controlled by an Energy Management System controlling the power supply from both mechanical and electric motors.

This new system will not cause any changes in the way the captain directs the ship. According to Tirelli, the system will work continuously to select the best mode of operation to operate the ship. For example, in a wavy sea, the ship will continually change the power produced by continuously controlling its wave movements.

In addition, the Energy Management System of this dual engine of Wärtsila allows the batteries to compensate for these fluctuations, allowing the engine to run regularly. This means fewer maintenance costs, fewer emissions, and stable fuel consumption. Tirrell, therefore, estimates that operating costs will be reduced by 25% depending on the ship’s type and some other variables.

“Traditional diesel engines have always been at the center of power generation solutions, but it is just one of the components used today. We are trying to reduce the role of these engines and increase the power of other sources such as solar energy.” said.

The next frontier for batteries is helping to power massive ships
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