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The machine that produces electricity from snowfall was invented.

Scientists have developed a first-of-its-kind device that generates electricity from nothing other than the natural phenomenon of snowfall.

Based upon the principles of the triboelectric effect, in which electrical charge is generated after two materials come into contact with one another, the researchers’ new technology exploits the fact that snow particles carry a positive electrical charge.

One of the most important problems of the world is energy. We need to find enough energy to operate our clean, environmentally compatible technological devices. For this purpose, we have produced technologies such as winds, winds, and solar energy. In addition, snow can now be used in electricity generation.

On the basis of the project lies a phenomenon called the triboelectric effect. According to this phenomenon, two materials come into contact with electricity. Researchers discovered that snowflakes carry a positive electrical charge.

Snowflakes + installed means that they have an electron. This means that snowflakes can interact with negatively charged substances.

Maher al-Kady, a chemist who works as a researcher in UCLA, said: what is The snow is already loaded, so we thought that why not put an opposite item against the electricity and not the electricity? U

Although the first time profit was used for such a study, similar studies were done with different substances. The team founded the triboelectric nanogenerator was a first in its field. Teng called these systems can be applied to many places.

Even though the energy obtained is not so much, the researchers will ensure that this technology will be combined with solar panels in the future, thus enabling the energy to be obtained from different conditions for longer periods than the panels. This is not surprising, given that there are 46 million square kilometers of land on the world surface each year.

Research results were published in Nano Energy magazine.

The machine that produces electricity from snowfall was invented.
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