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The journey between London and New York in 2030 will take only 29 minutes with SpaceX rockets

SpaceX’s rocket Starship, the world can be used in passenger transport. Thus, the flight times will be considerably reduced.

Humanity is getting faster every day. In the acceleration journey, which we started by reducing the days of walking to a day with horses, we have made the most of our planet within 24 hours, but this is not enough.

SpaceX‘s goals include intra-planet flights between the continents that transcend the oceans. According to Swiss investment consultancy firm UBS, SpaceX will be able to reduce the length of intercontinental journeys by up to half an hour. According to the company, which claims that the journey between New York and London will decrease to 29 minutes and London to Sydney will be less than one hour, these outer space trips, we know aviation, are ‘raw raw food’.

Today, 180 million passengers are flying every 10 hours on the world. Today, the journey between London and Sydney takes 23 hours.

The company expects the rocket travel market to reach 15 billion euros in 2030. According to the company, space tourism will be a 2.3 billion euro market in its own right.

There are currently three companies competing to travel to space. Virgin Galactic, supported by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos‘ Blue Origin, PayPal founder, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s SpaceX, and Virgin Airlines owner Richard Bronson, is planning to go manned into space.

According to the researchers, the overall space industry will make a big leap from 300 billion euros to 610 billion euros.

If rockets are to be preferred in long-distance journeys, the rocket should be cheaper and competition must compel prices to be taken to acceptable points.

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