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The Flying Car Races We See in Star Wars becomes Real!

Low-altitude flying vehicles for Star Wars use on the planet will be available in 2019.

An Australian company, named Alauda, is preparing to organize the world’s “first flying car race” in 2019, although it is not currently a mass-produced flying car. Alauda Mark 1 Airspeeder announced the prototype of the flying racing car, which will be launched in 2019 for the race of flying cars to be tested in 2018.

Today, a flying car is something that is still hard to come by. Technological possibilities are sufficient, but such tools are not practical for us. These flying cars, which are normally thought of as transportation by companies like Uber, seem to have been handled from a different point of view than Alauda. Alauda’s aim is to build super-fast flying cars that will be the Ferrari of the sky.

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Alauda’s CEO Matt Pearson said, “There are motorsports because there are cars.” “We want to compete in everything we build, in everything we build,” explains the CEO of us, saying that what is different is always competition.

The pilots to compete with the Alauda Mark 1 vehicles travel at speeds of more than 200 km / h at low altitudes. Obviously, the low-altitude flying vehicles you see in Star Wars seem to be slowly becoming real.

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