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The First Electric Highway Test to Solve Fuel Problem in Germany

Many of us have come across a train or bus that takes advantage of overhead power lines, pantographs stretched upwards, providing the vehicle in question with the electricity needed to continue on. Now, the first highways in Germany will help electrified trucks roll down the highway without contributing to air pollution.

Electric automotive technologies are developing rapidly in the world, especially in the USA and China. While it was nice to see the investments in our country about electric automakers, good news came from Germany.

In Frankfurt, Germany, the first ic charging highway test was tested for electric trucks and trucks.

It was proposed by Siemens as an idea in 2012 and is being tested under the highway project. Electrical cables are installed in the right lane of the road as we see on the trains. Thanks to a special tool mounted on the truck, vehicles can be charged regularly.

The road system, which is expected to solve the problem of traveling in the future, is also important in terms of being more realistic compared to the roads being charged from the ground. At present, the cables placed as a pilot project on a 10-kilometer highway near the city of Frankfurt in Germany will be placed in 4 corners of the country if it achieves the desired success.

On the German highways, and at least 30 percent of the trucks in the case of electric, 6 million metric tons of CO2 emissions, which will prevent the Siemens, eHighway 100 thousand km on the highway, a 40-ton tractor will save 20 thousand euros will save fuel. These and similar technologies are currently developing at a great pace. Soon, we’ll see that the road passes through a smarter syst

The First Electric Highway Test to Solve Fuel Problem in Germany
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