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The design of the Apple iPhone 11, which has been the event for months, has been finalized

YouTuber MKBHD reviewed the design models of the iPhone 11 and shared a video on what has changed and what remains the same. All devices in the iPhone 11 family were viewed in the video.

Apple’s introduction of the new iPhone 11 family is about two months away and the information we receive about the phone continues to increase. If we need to give our first bad news without defrauding, the iPhone models that will be introduced this year will actually come with a square, asymmetrical and huge camera module. The design will be the same as the iPhone Xs series in general.

Of course, the only bad news is not limited to design. YouTuber MKBHD, famous for its phone demonstrations and reviews, shared a video where they took a model of the phones and examined the design changes completely. The new iPhone 11s have hardly changed in design, but have changed at a single point where everyone complains: the camera.

iphone 11

YouTuber, who supplies the dolls of the brands that produce cases for smartphones, states that there are improvements in the phone as a camera, but since the design of the phone, everyone doesn’t like the back panel camera design. What’s more, there is still a protrusion on the back of the phone.

Referring to the issue of protrusion and “Make the phone a two-mil thicker and not protrusion” in the form of everyone’s mind, but Apple ignored for years, offering you an idea YouTuber, said in this complaint.


MKBHD also mentioned that the 3D Touch feature will not be available on the new iPhones and that there will be minimal improvements in phone-to-phone wireless charging and battery. In addition, the ultra-wide-angle lens will be added to the iPhone family this year.

Apart from all this, the iPhone 11 family is not seen as an improvement and many people will not get an iPhone this year. While no changes have been made to the design, Apple’s sales are expected to drop considerably this year, not only to expand the area where the cameras are located but also to solve the protrusion problem that users complain about. Of course, as the tastes and colors cannot be discussed, we are curious about your opinion. You can share your ideas in the comments section.

The design of the Apple iPhone 11, which has been the event for months, has been finalized
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