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The Darkest Minds Looks Like the Young X-Men Film We Never Knew We Wanted

The Darkest Minds movie, which debuted in the near future, could be replaced by a young adult X-Men movie that we have always been looking forward to.

The first fragment of Filmin, adapted from Fox by Alexandra Bracken and addressed to young adults, was released. If we had only seen the Filmin trailer and did not know that Bracken’s novel was based on it, we thought it was definitely an interesting series of X-Men film series for the movie. However, it is a totally different work, and it is good to say that you see it in the quality of a X-Men series for a young person.

Jennifer Yuh Nelson is sitting in the dystopian Filmin director’s chair, which started with a horrible monkey who killed 98% of America. Ruby and his friends, who are one of the rare and great survivors, have different supernatural powers. These persons are characterized by colors; the ability of the blue to control telekinesis, the control of yellow electricity, the intelligence of the green, the control of the orange mind, and the control of the red of the red. Filmin chief hero Ruby is also a tour. Ruby, who has a talent like himself but is sent to a camp among young people who do not know how to use it, escapes from here and the flow of story begins to accelerate.

If we were to comment on the part of the film we saw on August 3, 2018, we might say that X-Men’s Charles Xavier is a film of young people who have not come to school to struggle against some of the worst situations. But of course Alexandra Bracken has its own unique stance and we will see it closely on the white screen. What are you thinking?

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