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The Biggest Failure of Apple History Becomes a Documentary

Apple’s first computer in the early 80s, Lisa, is a documentary. A computer collector, David Greelish, will shoot Lisa’s documentary. The documentary, which will last 100 minutes, will consist of 3 different sections.

Lisa was a computer that Apple produced in the ’80s, which was beyond its time but had a very high price depending on this feature. Or rather, it was a computer experiment that failed Apple. It was actually the ancestor of the macOS operating system we know today, Lisa. “Why is his name, Lisa?” The question had two different answers. In the statements made by the company, Lisa was the abbreviation for Local Integrated System Architecture. Years later, it became clear that this was the name of the daughter of Set and Jobs, who refused for many years.

This computer had a policy on the date it was produced. Lisa had a graphical user interface. However, the high price, especially for Apple did not create the expected effect and this project shelf. The fact that a project that was so important for Apple was disappointing also caused big problems at that time for Apple.

A computer collector, David Greelish, announced that Apple will form a documentary of this historic failure. Greelish received a Lisa in 1984 and is one of the most valuable pieces of this collection. Greelish, who made statements on the subject, stated that Lisa was the Macintosh Pro of that period and thanks to Lisa, the interest in the computer sector increased. Greelish, Lisa’ya seriously highlighted that he also underlined.

The documentary to be shot by Grealish will be 100 minutes and will consist of 3 separate sections. In the first part, she will explain how Lisa came out and how it ended. In the second part, Greelish will talk to computer collectors in the last chapter. The documentary will also feature numerous interviews, including the former CEO of Apple, John Sculley. In order to create this documentary, Greelish initiated a charity campaign. For the time being, it has only collected $ 2,201. A minimum of $ 25 (approximately $ 150) of aid to this campaign will be given to those who have a copy of the documentary. As the number of help increases, more different gifts are planned to be sent. If you want to reach the aid campaign, just click here. Greelish also released a video on YouTube to boost its credibility.

In this video, Lisa’s working status can be seen:

Greelish plans to complete his documentary in November.

The Biggest Failure of Apple History Becomes a Documentary
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