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The Benz Velocipede Ruled the Automotive World 125 Years Ago

Benz Velo, the first mass production car, was widely popular between 1894 and 1902 and was very popular in Europe.

Before the production of the Ford Model T by primitive methods and even by the name of Benz, Mercedes; Benz & Company introduces the world’s first mass production car: Benz Velocipede

Velocipede debuted in April 1894, 125 years ago. In 1902, when its production was stopped in the 20th century, 1,200 units of Benz Velo were traveling in the streets of Germany, England, and France.

The Velocipede was powered by a single-cylinder engine that weighed about 617 pounds, producing 1.5 horsepower, and reached a maximum speed of 12 mph. A small scooter, now produced, could win the race with Velo.

The four-wheel vehicle had a flashlight to illuminate the road and a two-axis steering system developed by Karl Benz. Later on, a comfortable model with an optional 2.75 hp engine was developed on the first Velo. In 1899, they were both launched with a 3 hp engine. In 1902, when the car was stopped, only one model was on sale. This vehicle had 4.5 horsepower and offered a maximum speed of 22 miles. The vehicle was equipped with sun protection, upholstered bench seat and a child seat option at extra costs.

The Benz Velocipede Ruled the Automotive World 125 Years Ago
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