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The application that earns money when it performs its tasks: ”Yandex Toloka Download link”

How can I make money from the phone quickly?
method of earning money from easy way?
the method of earning money with yandex?

One of them is Tolga, where Yandex works with payment services such as Papara and PayPal. So why and how does Yandex pay the users of this application?

Making money over the Internet is a very superficial statement that end users are misleading. As our social media and internet experiences become more personalized, everything becomes easier. For this reason, we see real money users who give money, coupons and discounts.

In this sense, the mobile application named Yandex Tolaka, which has been serving for some time, is attracting attention. In Turkey, application serving tasks you are given, you receive payments in small amounts in return realized by.

Tasks in Yandex Toloka usually work on Yandex Maps. You can update the information of a location and enter detailed information about the places you are visiting. In addition, in the application of a web site to analyze and report the contents of the off-map tasks are given.

Yandex wants to increase the amount of information it has with this application and improve its search results. For this, you are paid in return for the data you have entered with your own hands.

If you wish to open the offline mode, you can perform tasks that are appropriate to do without the internet, you receive your payment when you connect to the internet again. The time it takes to withdraw your money from your account can take from a few minutes to a few days. This period can be extended up to 30 days depending on your geography, the payment service you use and the bank account you use.

You can download and try Yandex.Toloka from the links below. Finally, under the age of 18 of this application, but they can not make money.



The application that earns money when it performs its tasks: ”Yandex Toloka Download link”
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