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The 1000 Super Horsepower Electric Supercar: Drako GTE

Drako Motors, an electric vehicle entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, showed its Drako GTE model for the first time. The Drako GTE is a very powerful yet incredibly luxurious electric car, as its manufacturer Drako Motors has repeatedly repeated. According to the company, the car can carry 4 passengers.

In the power section of the vehicle, Drako Motors says that the supercar produces 1,200 horsepower and 8,800 Nm of torque, and the vehicle reaches a top speed of 332 km / h. It is useful to say that; The torque that the company mentions is not usually measured torque, but only wheel torque. Note that the wheel torque is not equal to the total torque generated by the drivetrain on the road.

Drako GTE, which started its development with a prototype in 2015, also has a time of 7:49 tour on the Nürburgring track, but there is no other information about the vehicle for the time being. In the published video, only one side of the front of the vehicle is shown briefly. We will have to wait until 16 August before we can receive further information about the vehicle.

The 1000 Super Horsepower Electric Supercar: Drako GTE
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