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Tesla releases new self-driving demo with new Autopilot graphics

Tesla released a demo for the introduction of its auto outgoing autonomous vehicle software FSD (Full Self-Driving).

Tesla is one of the leading companies in the sector in terms of electric car and its own outgoing car. The name of the company’s new software to develop autonomous driving technology is Full Self-Driving FSD. The software was introduced with a demo.

Tesla, who organized çeşitli Autonomous Day yap for its investors, made various presentations to give information about autonomous vehicles. After the end of all the presentations, the company presented its fully autonomous vehicles using FSD to the investors with a demo.

Tesla later released a video of the demo. The video includes some of the maneuvers that the autonomous vehicle goes through at some intersections. These auto-pilot’s skills are not currently available in Tesla cars with automatic pilots.

The vehicle’s driving capabilities are reminiscent of the automatic pilot’s video of the US manufacturer’s 2016 release. Tesla also uses a display that can display the vehicle’s environmental recognition system graphically.

The autopilot is more successful at the intersection of the roads or at the intersection of the roads, and it performs more or less the same performance on the highway as the currently used Navigate. The new pilot continues to drive even though the driver does not hold the steering wheel.

Tesla releases new self-driving demo with new Autopilot graphics
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