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Tesla Model 3 Saved a Life again (Video)

Tesla Model 3, once again saved lives. With a speed of 65 kilometers per hour, The Model 3 has a sudden maneuver on the other vehicle’s sudden braking. Thanks to the maneuverability of the Model 3, an accident was prevented.

Tesla produces cars with superior equipment. Tesla Model 3 once again prevented an inevitable accident. Sharing the moments with social media, the vehicle owner said that he did not remember the moment, but the maneuver at the last moment did not belong to him.

In the incident in the United States, a person who owns Tesla Model 3 was on the road at about 65 kilometers per hour. The Tesla Model 3, with a sudden maneuver, struck from a possible accident. Here are the images of the moment:

As can be seen, this maneuver of Tesla has prevented an inevitable accident. In a similar situation, we experienced about 10 days ago and reported the incident. Here’s the news:

In spite of all these events, Tesla is still heavily criticized by some groups, but official records show that these criticisms are not justified. When we look at the first quarter of 2018 in the first quarter of 2018, we can show that the number of Tesla cars in traffic increased by 110 percent.

Tesla Model 3 Saved a Life again (Video)
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