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TECHNOLOGY NEWS – Apple iPhone holding Hidden List of Everywhere You Go

why Your iPhone keeps a secret list of every place you go . It’s also on this list how often and when you go to the places mentioned.

iPhone users may leave a trail of their own wherever they travel. While Apple is constantly improving its location technology and making it suitable for navigation, the sense of being monitored does not make it seem that everything is an illusion.

If you feel like you’re being followed, you’re probably right. When you travel somewhere, Apple constantly records your travel frequency and the time of these trips to a hidden list to determine the importance that location offers for you.

According to Apple, this information is used to better optimize personalized services such as traffic forecasts and photo albums.

The data listed by the description is encrypted by Apple. That is to say, without your consent, no third party can access information such as where you go, when and how often you go.

Even if a friend who likes to deal with you can get your phone, we can safely say that your phone is not able to access your password, Face ID and Touch ID.

However, if you want to take a look at your history yourself, or if your intention is to completely deactivate the system, here are the steps you can take:

Enter the Settings section of your phone.
Enter the Privacy tab.
Enter the Location Services tab.
Slide the Location Services section down to the bottom.
Enter the System Services tab.
Important Enter the Locations tab.
You will find a list of the cities you have visited when you complete these actions.

When you look at the cities in the list one by one, you can see a detailed breakdown of the places you have visited and their location on the map. You can also see how often and when you visit these locations.

If you think this list violates your privacy and you are at least uncomfortable, you can delete all the data in the list by clicking the Clear History button. If you want to stay away from the service completely, you can close the Important Locations section at the top of the menu and enjoy your privacy, at least as far as we know.

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