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Super Car-Motorbike Mix Vehicle: Superquad

Why not be a superquad in a world of super cars and super motorcycles? Inspired by this way of thinking, Victor Engler from Slovakia produced a superquad of 850 hp.

It has a 850 hp V10 engine and the maximum speed is 350 km / h. Engler F.F. at the Geneva Motor Show. While the appearance of Superquad resembles Hot Wheels toys, the car is not a toy. There’s no video on how this vehicle works, but it could probably be jumping like a rabbit on take-off. Such large engine power can cause the vehicle to be ventilated.

The 5.2-liter V10 engine probably shows that we’re facing a Lamborghini Huracan engine. Even though the total power of Huracan is 610 hp, the superquad used supercharger and titanium exhaust exceeds 800 horsepower.

The highest speed of the vehicle in 2.5 seconds is indicated as 350 km / h.

It has a carbon and titanium alloy body and has a unique suspension and steering system. The car’s HD digital displays and motor control software are also specially produced.

The vehicle also has special systems to protect its balance and drive as the corners quickly rotate. The fact that there was no such system at the turn of a 800 hp vehicle without a seat belt would have insulted those men and would have swept the driver and passenger in every swift turn. However, if you are going to make quick turns with this tool, you should work a lot of body. Because it’s speed and width of 1950 mm seems to be very challenging to rotate this tool.

It is not known whether the product will be released. It is not even known whether this vehicle, which has to be considered as a car but without a car, will be allowed to go on the road.

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