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Steam’s Next Free Weekend Games Now Available

The Elder Scrolls, one of the world’s most famous MMORPG games, was free for 5 days on Steam.

The Elder Scrolls Online, one of the most famous MMORPG games in the world, came with news to cheer up your weekend. The short-term free game will allow you to try the game for 5 days. A free weekend campaign that will continue until March 28 has started. In contrast to normal FPS games, MMORPG type is inadequate for a 2-day trial, so you can try free days for longer days.

Zenimax, who also announced that he will release a new expansion pack with this special weekend, brings High Elves’ home Summerset Island into play. The new expansion pack, which will be released in June, aims to rekindle the game, which has a big impact on its first release.

We have announced that the F1 2015, which normally starts on a free weekend campaign on Steam, is also free on the Humble Bundle. Today’s The Elder Scrolls Online will ask you to pay after 5 days, unlike the Humble Bundle campaigns. Ready If you want to start a new game on weekends and test it on Friday, you can give one of the world’s most successful MMORPGs a chance.

How to Reduce the 5-Day Versus ESO

Because the game is on Steam, you can start to download the game with a few simple steps.
First you can go to the game Steam link. You can reach Linke by clicking here, but it will be more useful to write “The Elder Scrolls Online” through the platform.

Click on the “Play Game” button in the “Play The Elder Scrolls Online” box at the bottom of the page you enter.

The game started to download.

I want to give you an important note here. If your internet is not fast, we recommend downloading the game only if you are testing to buy it. With a huge download size of 67.8 GB, the game is a bit too much for a 5 day experience.

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