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Spider-Man PS4 dev reveals cool Easter egg no-one noticed

Spider-Man has plenty of Easter eggs. Some revolve around other Marvel characters, such as Daredevil and Iron Fist.

Others are nods to characters from the comics you wouldn’t immediately think of. You’d think, given the tremendous popularity of Insomniac’s fun-filled PlayStation 4 exclusive, that no stone was left unturned over half-a-year after the game came out.

‘Easter egg’ is the sweet references hidden in the works, which are surprise bonuses in games and movies. In Spider-Man city, ‘Easter Egg’ is on the agenda, but one was not discovered until recently.

Spiderman is a fun-filled game that makes the players face with hundreds of easter eggs. It’s about the Marvel characters such as Daredevil and Iron Fist in easter eggs, and others with comic-book characters that won’t come immediately to mind. I think that Insomniac is exclusive to the special PlayStation 4 and it is full of fun. But this is not the case.

Insomniac’s senior, game engine programmer Elan Ruskin shared an ‘easter egg’ that players have not yet found on Twitter.

“I think it’s time for an Easter egg outdoors that no one has ever noticed: these guys are cleaning on Saturdays!”

Orthodox Jews in the game do not go to work on Saturdays, as they normally follow the rules of the Sabbath, not doing work on Saturday and the Kashrut rules.

Ruskin confirmed that this is a real-life Saturday. So, Spider-Man is checking the time on your PS4.

“Real-life Saturday. The game controls the time on your PS4.”

This is one of the hundreds of small, sweet details found in the game. What was your favorite ‘easter egg’ in your game?

Spider-Man PS4 dev reveals cool Easter egg no-one noticed
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