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SpaceX’s Rival; Vector, Takes Decision To Halt Operations

The US-based company Vector, which made a name for itself in an attempt to launch small rockets into space, announced that it has suspended its operations. In addition to the interim decision, the company went on to change the CEO. Vector was seen as a rival to SpaceX.

The US-based company Vector, which has been developing rockets to send small satellites into orbit, seen as SpaceX’s rival through its space initiatives, announced a halt to its activities for “financial reasons Vector.


These sudden changes occurred a few days after receiving the Vector’s first $ 3.4 million investment from the US Air Force. Cantrell, a member of the team that helped SpaceX in 2002, has been running Vector since its inception in 2016.

This new initiative was one of many attempts to make money by carrying out a small satellite revolution. The two rockets planned to be developed were Vector-R, weighing 60 kilograms and Vector-H, weighing 290 kilograms, respectively. The company will plan how it will take steps in the future and look for ways to get out of it.

The test flight for the Vector-R rocket took place in 2017:

vector r roket

With the initiative, Vector has received several funds to date and has earned more than $ 100 million. The company was also actively conducting engine tests and had even conducted two horizontal flight tests with some prototype rockets, but the company had not yet been launched into space.

The Vector-R rocket was originally scheduled to take its first orbital flight over the Pacific Space Base in Alaska in 2018, but this flight didn’t and probably never will.

Cantrell also claimed that Vector could take off from anywhere and go into orbit because of its small rocket size. In 2017, the company signed an agreement to launch flights from Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Space Base.

“It could be Iceland on Monday, Georgia on Tuesday, Florida on Wednesday and Alaska on Thursday,” Cantrell told Verge at the time. At least you’ll see a flight on the worst Friday tı. Now the company has halted all its activities and is expected to make further statements about its future in the coming days.

SpaceX’s Rival; Vector, Takes Decision To Halt Operations
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