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Snapchat releases rebuilt Android app ‘NEW FEATURES’

Snapchat’s long-standing news version for Android was released at the end.

Snapchat, which has been developed since 2018 to be of the same quality as the Snapchat on iOS, was finally released on Google Play for Android. Although there are virtually no changes visually, this version will be much faster, less delayed and less erroneous.

The rearranged application was designed in accordance with the Android ecosystem. In addition, contracted brands will have special Snapchat features for their phones.

The revamped Android app still lags a bit behind the iOS version, but it’s an undeniable fact that it’s much better than the previous version. In fact, according to the previous version ıy flowing like a slide ‘is the place to say. You can update Snapchat from Google Play Store today.

Snapchat releases rebuilt Android app ‘NEW FEATURES’
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