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Self-Driving Cars Can Now Pick Up Passengers in California—But Only for Free Rides

Autonomous vehicles will carry their passengers for free for three months due to a test program to be implemented in California.

In recent days, the news about autonomous vehicles has gotten a lot of public confidence. Moreover, when news of such accidents was added to such negative news, the situation became almost unbearable. But whatever it is, this technology is so big that it can not be abandoned, and tests continue to make it better in many parts of the world. Certainly the most famous of these tests are in California.

California once again gives the region the chance to test autonomous vehicles, but there are certain conditions. In this test, where volunteer participants can travel with autonomous means, no money will be collected from any traveler.


This project, which mainly consists of two pilot programs, will test both the autonomous vehicles on which the expert driver is sitting in the steering wheel as well as the completely unmanned versions. All data and details of driving will be notified to relevant institutions by following the rules determined during the 3-month test phase. It is not yet known how the free progeny will generate a distance policy for the users. It will probably go to many areas within the city.

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