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Scientists create ultra-thin membrane that turns eyes into lasers

We see superhero lazy eyes that we see a lot in your childhood cartoons or science fiction movies of the present, we can be used in humans. This invention, which is very exciting to the ear, can provide convenience to many users.

With the developing technology, our world is moving towards the so-called “This is not happening anymore!” At this point, we are surprised by all kinds of innovations, scientists have come up with an interesting invention. Scientists conducting the research have made available the Superman-like laser eye vision that they have been working on recently.

The team at St Andrews University worked on this technological development for a long time. Although the production has not been passed yet, researchers have stated that they can produce an ultra-thin membrane that turns the eyes through the laser. Semiconductor laser film, made entirely of organic materials, is very thin, although super thin. This laser, which can be used with contact lens ratios, is said to be able to maintain its optical properties even after a few months.

First, the laser membrane tested in the cow eyes can recognize a sharp line on a flat area. To put it more precisely, this means you can scan a barcode or numbers. We can also say that this development, which is thought to be used comfortably in security, authentication and similar fields, may be a turning point in our lives.

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