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Saudi Arabia ‘hacked Amazon boss’s phone’

According to allegations, Amazon’s and Washington Post’s owner, Jeff Bezos, was hacked.

According to Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post, Saudi Arabia hacked Bezos’ phone. When his personal messaging was published in the National Enquirer, Bezoz hired security expert Gavin de Becker to investigate the situation. Becker thought the hacking incident might have been related to the news about the killing of Cemal Kasikci in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the Washington Post.

In February, Bezos blamed the blackout of American Media Inc (AMI), the parent company of the National Enquirer. He allegedly threatened to release personal photos of Bezos if he did not tell him that the news in the table was not politically motivating. But as AMI has said, Becker said there was no evidence that the AMI had hacked into any personal information. According to Becker’s claim, the Saudi government had targeted the Washington Post for the Kasıkçı incident.

The Saudi embassy in Washington did not make a statement against Bezos’ claim, but last month the Saudi Foreign Minister said it had nothing to do with it. AMI has not yet commented on Becker’s claim. Earlier, they reported that Bezos’ private life was completely legal.

Saudi Arabia ‘hacked Amazon boss’s phone’
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