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Samsung Galaxy S7 Allegedly Explodes Even Without Being Connected to a Charger

A Nigerian Twitter user’s Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone was self-flaming and unavailable when standing at the table.

A Nigerian Twitter user shared a few photos yesterday evening and said that the Galaxy S7 Edge had a self-ignition while standing on the table. House of Soares, the device is not connected to charge even when the device is lit, said he threw a bucket into the water to put out the device.

Although the aller explosion muş is not yet known, the fact that the destruction occurred at the bottom of the device body strengthens the possibility that a battery problem may have occurred. Samsung South Africa, responding to House of Soares’ tweet, asked them to contact them to clarify the incident.

Probably Samsung will ask the owner of the Galaxy S7 Edge to inspect the device to determine why it has exploded and will check whether there are any third-party manufacturer-manufactured parts, especially the battery. Samsung is believed to have launched an investigation into the matter.

All devices using a lithium-ion battery are likely to burst. But since the Galaxy Note7 disaster, Samsung has attracted more attention than smartphones. The Galaxy S7 Edge has become one of Samsung’s most popular flagships in recent years, and has now reached its third year with the introduction of the Galaxy S10.

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