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Russo Brothers reveal unknowns about Avengers: Endgame

The Russo Brothers explained the details and cut scenes of what happened to Tony Stark under the title of an AMA (Ask Me Anything) opened at Reddit, including Captain America’s move against Thanos in the war. Already warn, our article includes spoilers.

Avengers: With the release of the Blu-ray and digital versions of Endgame, fans undoubtedly want to learn a lot about even the finest detail in the film. director of the film when so many questions from fans Russo brothers, made in Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything – Anything Issues me) in Turkey clock 01:30 under the title, they answer questions.

Here is the information from the Russo brothers’ question and answer event at Reddit:

Answers to questions about the sequence of time portals: avengers endgameavengers endgame

Ik We spent a lot of time trying to sort the portals in the editing room, Joe said Joe Russo. “Probably we didn’t lock this part of the film until a month ago in theaters. We always wanted Sam to be the first contact with the Captain, and Sam was last in Wakanda. In other words, the first opened portal would be the logical Wakanda portal. ”

In response to the most challenging episode question when shooting Endgame:

avengers endgame iron man

According to Anthony and Joe Russo, the hardest day on the set was when Tony Stark shot the scene where he died at the end of the war.

Answers to the question of why Tony Stark’s story ends so tragically:

avengers endgame

Rus At this point, we were interested in almost every character in the MCU, but when it comes to all characters except Cap, I think that Tony’s story is incredibly tragic and unpredictably heroic. As a father, I consider it difficult to give his life at the expense of saving the universe by risking leaving his child fatherless and his wife alone. Tony Stark died like a real hero.

Answers to questions about the importance of Vormir and the Spirit Stone:
avengers endgame ruh taşı

Rus At the center of Vormir where the stone was taken, we used the ruins that people sacrificed for themselves as inspiration. The choice to keep the soul stone away from the story flow wasn’t entirely ours, and any of the other Marvel stories could go to that stone, but we were so excited that the stone kept the mystery at MCU and we wanted to use that mystery. ”

Answers to questions asked about Captain America’s removal of Mjolnir:

avengers endgame captain america mjolnir

Aslında He could always handle it, aslında Anthony said. Even on that popular stage in Age of Ultron, the Captain could lift Mjolnir, but he chose not to embarrass Thor in order not to embarrass him..

Is there an Easter Egg yet in Endgame?

Anthony and Joe Russo answered this question very clearly “Yes”.

In response to the question which film would you like to direct, which is not yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Anthony said the brothers always wanted to be the head of the Wolverine series.

Russo Brothers reveal unknowns about Avengers: Endgame
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