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Rockstar Rumored To Make GTA 6 Or Bully 2 E3 2019 Announcement

Rockstar is on a roll and doing extremely well thanks to the smash hit Red Dead Redemption 2 that has moved 23 million copies as of February 2019. That game is tipped to be in the works for the PC, and some are expecting at least one big announcement at E3 2019 this summer from the game developer. A new rumor is making the rounds that Rockstar will have something that will blindside fans to announce at E3 2019.

The game world has been moving in the last few weeks. Although rumors usually revolve around the PlayStation 5, the new rumor is for the GTA 6.

As of February, Red Dead Redemption 2 has reached over 23 million sales. That’s why we can say that Rockstar has fun. However, it is certainly no secret that the company is working on a GTA 6 game. Moreover, we may be closer to getting the first official information about GTA 6.

A Reddit user, Thirdeyereddit, who claims to be working with Take-Two Interactive, who is also the owner of Rockstar Games, said that Rockstar will make an announcement in the E3 2019 that will be big and exciting the players. As you may have guessed, this explanation has sparked speculation that the company will announce GTA 6 or Bully 2.

According to the rumors, GTA 6 has still a few years to come. Therefore, there is a very, very low probability of showing GTA 6 in E3 2019. Probably the company will announce a new and big DLC ​​for E1 2019, which is already popular and is selling its best-selling brand, Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rockstar Rumored To Make GTA 6 Or Bully 2 E3 2019 Announcement
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