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Respawn has banned 770K Apex Legends cheaters

Respawn Entertainment, actively continuing its war with the cheat, continues to punish the rule violations. The company recently announced that 770,000 players were banned from Apex Legends.

Respawn, who has been in trouble for some time, has finally started serious sanctions. Respawn added a new reporting system to the game with an update released on March 19th and banned serious players from Apex Legends.

Speaking on the subject, the community official, Jay Frechette, said the new reporting system enabled him to detect almost all the tricks and that he was qualified to implement sanctions.

Respawn has also recorded a record of 770,000 players banned by Apex Legends. This prohibition of massacres was the largest mass ban of the game world. The previous winner of the big forbidden record was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Don’t forget to add a few notes about the sanctioning of the aforementioned rules, Frechette said that the cheaters in Apex Legends have been carefully followed and this war will last forever.

In addition to the prohibition notice, Respawn, sharing statistics, announced that more than 300,000 accounts were blocked and more than 4,000 cheating vendors were removed from the community within the last 20 days.

Respawn has banned 770K Apex Legends cheaters
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