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Research Shows People Are More Honest When They’re Being Watched

Researchers at York University conducted a survey to measure how loyal people are to the word, “Don’t make others do what you don’t do yourself.” According to the research, people are more honest when they know they are being watched.

If there is a moral rule that can be shared and accepted by almost all cultures and religions, it is the rule yaptır Never make others do what you do not do yourself ”. This rule became known as the altın golden rule emp for empathy, but people in modern societies are not able to really apply it, especially when the financial consequences of their actions. The researchers tried to prove the accuracy of this thesis with game activity.

In a study conducted at York University, 300 people were selected and asked to decide whether to distribute a fixed amount of money between themselves and another anonymous person in the room. The idea was to divide some money between the participants themselves and another participant and measure how the couple’s money was decided.

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Each participant had the freedom not to give any money to his partner or to give all the money. If the partner says “yes to the proposal, they both receive the money jointly, but if the proposed fee is not accepted by the partner, this agreement will pause and both participants will not receive any money. Each participant experienced each role (who made the bid, responded to the bid and evaluated the bidder) more than once with different partners.

What researchers were most curious about was to observe how people play the role of responding to the offer and how they would submit when they become the bidder. If someone was playing with the “golden rule” then they had to answer “yes” when they came across the offers themselves. As a result of the research, it is revealed that approximately 93% of people obey this rule.

When 93% of people knew that their behavior was not followed by their competitors, even if they followed the “golden rule”, the rate of obeying this rule was reduced to 73%. These findings reflect observations in social psychology that show that people behave better when they know they are being watched. In fact, even a human poster with eyes on it affects people’s behavior, but when they know they’re not followed, people can morally disrupt their behavior.

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Researchers also revealed that experience plays a small role in people’s decision making. First, the people who played the role of bidder were more likely to obey the golden rule than the people who played the role of bidder first. Gender, socio-economic status or cultural factors had no effect on this universally accepted rule.

All this research shows is that the behavior of a person called “good behavior” depends on a number of factors, including whether he believes that he or she believes that they are being observed. This shows that although most people obey some kind of moral rule, their compliance with the rules differs according to the events they face.

Research Shows People Are More Honest When They’re Being Watched
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