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Remains of the World’s Largest Known Parrot Found

A parrot fossil found during excavations in New Zealand came from a species twice as big as Kakapo, the world’s largest and heaviest parrot. Work continues in the country’s Central Otago region.

Paleontological excavations show the remains of many different species. Although dinosaur fossils are often found, the remains of many other interesting species are also discovered.

Finally, in New Zealand’s South Island, Central Otago, St. The excavations at Bathans have revealed evidence of the world’s largest parrot.


It turned out that the parrot was about 1 meter tall and weighed 7 kilograms. Due to its size and strength, the parrot called Hercules is twice as big as the previous owner of the largest known parrot title, Kakapo.

“We have been digging these fossil beds for 20 years. Every year, we uncover new birds and other animals. Although Hercules is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular birds we’ve found,” says Professor Trevor Worthy of Flinders University. “There are so many more species waiting to be discovered.”


The St Bathans plateau was home to many bird species. Worthy said they found around 7,000 bones in the area. The most interesting of these bones showed Hercules’ 2 leg bones.

Remains of the World’s Largest Known Parrot Found
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