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Reddit’s Founder: Bitcoin 20 thousand, Ethereum 15 thousand dollars will emerge!

Alexis Ohanian, one of the founding partners of Reddit from the most popular discussion platforms in the world, has had exciting explanations about Ethereum, the second most valuable crypt currency.

Reddit, becoming the legend of the Internet world, allows millions of users to discuss thousands of topics every day. One of the most frequently discussed topics on the platform is crypto money. In fact, crypto-money and their future are among the topics that even the world’s most famous economists are constantly discussing.

In the past year, crypto money such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has reached very high amounts, then in the first three months of 2018, serious losses of value have frightened the eyes of investors. The crypto money that has started to recover in the last month has a tendency to rise again.

Describing the views of Ethereum, the world’s second most valuable crypto currency, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian says Ethereum will rise to 15,000 euros in 2018. Hearing these words from an entrepreneur who has been in the technology world for many years can make a positive impression on investors’ eyes.

In addition to Reddit, Mr. Ohanian, who worked for Initialized Capital’s name-based venture company in 2012, made these statements to Fortune, the famous economy magazine. Ethereum says it is longer than other existing crypto currencies, and entrepreneur believes that in 2018 Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 again.

In order for Ethereum to reach a level of $ 15,000, it will have to raise $ 67 billion worth of market value to $ 1.5 trillion. I have about seven months for this. Bitcoin has to increase the value of the market by 340 billion dollars in the words of Ohanian. All of this tells us that more people need to invest.

Alexis Ohanian is also very hopeful about Block Chain technology, which is at the heart of crypto money. At the moment, giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are trying to make their infrastructure more secure by using Block Chain measures.

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