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Reddit Removes Bitcoin Payment Option, Censors Darknet Forum

Reddit ended shopping, membership and forum support for Bitcoin. It is said that this step has been an important influence on the market and that the company has been mobilized to become a social media channel.

Reddit, one of the world’s leading content platforms, was one of the few creators with a huge network for Bitcoin. Particularly crypto played an important role in the movements on the market with Discord and Telegram groups, which are a great resource for those who do not know money. But Reddit took a big step and cut off his relationship with Bitcoin.

Reddit is one of the biggest forum channels in the global arena, starting as a platform for developers and programmers in their lives and becoming a social content network day by day. Anything on the agenda of people on Earth can be found in Reddit.

Reddit, an important guide to Bitcoin, also had Telegram and Discord servers that brought together experts and enthusiasts. The information flow from here was known to have an important influence on the global market. However, recent speculation about Bitcoin has taken Reddit into action. The platform, which will no longer offer Bitcoin support, is in a series of explanations.

Bitcoin and Reddit Gold membership removed:

We could use the payment option with Bitcoin to be one of the platform’s special members. Some form of special membership is an important option to save the suffering of companies that suffer from users and cash strains. However, it will no longer be possible to buy special memberships for Bitcoin.

Reddit executives who do not agree with Coinbase at certain points are pretty hopeless that Bitcoin support will come back in the process. This action may have a great influence across the Bitcoin market.

In addition to removing the special payment option mentioned above, Reddit has also removed one of the forums where users follow developments in cryptographic currencies. This forum, called Darknetmarkets, will no longer serve on the grounds that Reddit is contrary to its policies on prohibited goods and services.

Reddit, a US-based company, knows that it’s vital to keep up with privacy issues. So if there is an effect on the Bitcoin market that is experiencing speculation, Reddit automatically increases the pressure on it.

On the other hand, it is planned to be transformed into a new social media platform with Reddit’s advertising network. For this reason, the tendency to ban any activity involved in dark work is a consistent trend. This step is what attracts Reddit executives at this time when Facebook is going to collapse.

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