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Realistic Human Specimens of Creepy Creation by Artificial Intelligence

In recent years the progression of artificial intelligence has been quite fast and has a lot of interesting working areas. There is artificial intelligence that can predict your death date, read your mind or understand your genetic origin. Among them now a new member has joined: artificial intelligence that builds non-people.

This is exactly what happens when the phrase çıkmış people created by artificial intelligence people seems to have come out of a distorted and tense science-fiction story. People who never really existed are created inside the computer. The worst is that these human models are almost indistinguishable from real people.

Artificial intelligence, created by an initiative called Datagrid, was produced at Kyoto University in Japan. It can create many people without new artificial intelligence, and its potential is large enough to create an unlimited number of fake people in theory.

Super intelligent artificial intelligence, Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) was created using. Two different neural networks have a common working cycle that tries to defeat each other in this method, which we know from the artificial intelligence that creates fake human faces. One of these networks is trying to produce fake people, and the other tries to understand the difference between fake people and real people. In the beginning, the models, which are very clearly flawed, become quite realistic and perfect in time.


Artificial intelligence is frequently on the agenda in the last period. Although they sometimes fail, as Tesla does in the case of fatal accident artificial intelligence, they do well in different fields. There is artificial intelligence that makes music, stories, jokes. Most of this artificial intelligence will be developed over time, even if they are at an initial level.

Artificial intelligence builds people in front of a flat white wall to avoid environmental factors. With the creation of even fake people, the new steps that must be taken in the fight against the fake news that turns the Internet into a fire are also starting to come up. In the video below you can see examples of fake people who are formed by the Japanese initiative.

Realistic Human Specimens of Creepy Creation by Artificial Intelligence
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