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‘PUBG’ Update Increases Loot Spawn Rates

PUBG’s new update is out. The most notable feature in the new version of the game is that the loot drop will be more on the map.

A new update to the popular game PlayerUnknownıms Battlegrounds goes through some changes in the game’s original map, Erangel. The map will then include loot spawns more often. However, there are also innovations in the spawn rates of some weapons classes.

Looking at the rest of the update notes, the attachments are put together; thus, the problem with the increase of loots seems to be resolved. The explanation is exactly: “Due to the change of the goods and the combination of this update has to be filled naturally, we have increased the rate of spawning of other items, so we also have a small amount of spawning of high priority goods like medicines. means an increase. “

If we change the class of weapons we encounter a table like this:

The rate of spawn increases in these weapons: AR (12%), DMR (16%) and SMG (14%)

A small spawn rate increase in SR and Pistols

‘PUBG’ Update Increases Loot Spawn Rates
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