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PUBG 50-player deathmatch mode is back after Bluehole fixes server troubles

DeathMatch mode, which has been canceled due to many gaps in the game and server during the past week, was reactivated.

As PUBG players would know closely, PUBG announced the availability of the Desert Knight for 3 days, making it playable two weeks in advance. However, this deathmatch mode of 50 people was canceled in a short time of 24 hours because of server-based problems, leaving PUBG players enthusiastic. The explanation that the team made following this incident was that the cancellation would be compensated shortly thereafter. Today, the PUBG team has a very good news for us.

PUBG has come back with deathmatch mode as promised. The mode called Desert Knight welcomes us in the small blue zone in Miramar. Basically, in a score-based mode, you get 3 points for each opponent you kill while you score 1 for each opponent you deactivate (knocked out).

However, if you kill 1 friend from your team of 10, you will miss 5 points. At the very bottom of the game, your goal is to bring your team to 200 points before other teams or teams. You do not need to enter the game again, sorry for the death of someone who has the details to make Desert Knight enjoyable; you have the right to land again on the map after 40 seconds.

For the time being there was no comment about the fashion in Miramar. By taking lessons from the mistakes of the PUBG team, we can easily say that they give us a smooth game experience. Good games.

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