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PSA which is buy Opel for 2.3M EURO, Said that ‘they deceive us, we want our money back’

The French PSA Group (Peugeot), who bought Opel from General Motors for 2.3 billion euros in March last month, wants half of the money they have paid back, claiming they are deceived.
According to Reuters, PSA is asking about 600 to 800 million euros from General Motors, saying that Opel vehicles could face a very serious penalty for their carbon emission values being much higher than expected.

The European Union will reduce the carbon emission limit of 95 grams, which is now 130 grams between 2020 and 2021, Vehicles that exceed this limit will not be sold in EU countries.

GM’s general spokesman, David Caldwell, says there is no explanation about the matter, but PSA argues that GM misdirected itself to emissions when selling Opel. PSA CEO Carlos Tavares spoke about the incident he had experienced: “We realized that a few weeks after signing the deal, there was a mistake about carbon emissions figures.”

“If we can not meet the carbon limit given by the EU, we get a huge penalty and these punishments even threaten the existence of the company,” Tavares said, following the incident, their teams redesigned production and sales. Previously, GM had paid a fine of 10,000 euros per car, as the Chevrolet Bold model was not at the desired emission level.

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