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PowerUp releases its phone-controlled paper airplane(PRİCE)

PowerUp was the first example of a smartphone-controlled paper plane in 2014. But intelligent paper planes are now accessible to everyone.

The company announced that the retail version of smartphones will be sent out in February and that it has launched a pre-order campaign for it. In this context, 2 kits with a confrontation with aircraft, game lovers will attract the kind of interest. Kits with barebone (propeller module only and two templates) and standard (wheels and Japanese aerobics papers) are offered to users starting at $ 29 and $ 37 respectively. In the higher priced packages, the brand offers additional modules and stands for its users.

A few (including the standard Solo set) will not be sent to new owners until May, but most of the kit is planned to be delivered within the month I am in.

PowerUp’s smart planes consist of directing all paper planes into simple planes powered planes, with the help of a telephone. Foldable smart aircraft are already a focus of attention for all ages. What are you thinking? Would you like to buy this type of smartphone as well?

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