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Porsche Releases Photo of the Special Concept Vehicle for the 50th Anniversary of 917

Porsche first introduced the 917 to the world 50 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show. Today he is celebrating his 50th anniversary by presenting us with a concept car that will keep our mouths open.

In 1970, Porsche released a photograph of the concept car, which honored the first 917 winners of Le Mans. The company did not provide much detail, but the car is presented as a concept study designed by a small designer and engineer team. The concept is also expected to be exhibited at the 50th Anniversary of the 917 Exhibition, to be opened at the Porsche Museum on May 14 this year.

The number 23, which won the first Le Mans, ’23’ is proudly displayed in the concept. At the same time the car was decorated with red and white lines, which were fashionable in the 1970s cars.

This concept is not the only one Porsche announced today about 917. Porsche also announced that the first 917 produced in 1969 was restored to its original condition and that it would be exhibited in the museum with its concept vehicle. Porsche said the priority was to reuse and protect parts of the original car as much as possible, but had to replace the body parts removed from the front and rear parts and the parts at the rear of the aluminum field frame.

Porsche did not participate in any race with this first 917. However, he kept the vehicle as a test and presentation tool throughout his life. The car was painted several times and in 1970 a short-tailed version was also tried. Porsche introduces the vehicle in Geneva with a white body with a green front. Porsche exhibits the same colors in the vehicle museum.

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