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PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man launches September

It appeared at the end of the release date for the Spider-Man game, which was entrusted to one of Sony’s talented studios.

This is the Spider-Man game, which has been entrusted to Insomniac Games, a Sony-based console-specific game that has made a splendid movie and game rights swap between Sony and Marvel, and has produced great games such as Ressistance and Ratched & Clank series.

According to the statement made by Sony, the game will be released on September 7, 2018 only for PS4 users. A new pre-order video of the game that was released during the day was published by Sony.

According to the video, pre-order players will have 3 different outfits and a Spider Gadget. However, there will be a lot of physical material and a great figure in the Collector’s Edition. The game that will go out on the 7th of October already has excited everybody.

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