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One of the most desirable features of PUBG players, apart from optimizing and improving server performance, was the daily and weekly tasks and the resulting special cosmetic gifts. PUBG decided to take a step in this end.

Fortune, one of PBG’s greatest competitors, and even the task and reward systems that are even in PUBG Mobile come to the PUBG this week. The new 4×4 map Sanhok will be available on June 22, and it will not be for as long as the Event Pass will attract interest.

In the Event Pass system, progressive tasks will be presented to the players. According to this system, daily and weekly tasks will be presented, special characters for the characters who can successfully complete these tasks, as well as special weapons and parachute skins.

There are different categories of prizes to be awarded during the Event Pass process.

The first category is permanent prizes that are open to everyone. One of them is a parachute skin called “Blackberry”. Even those who have not purchased an Event Pass can have this parachute skin permanently at no cost, even if they reach the 20th level during the event season.

Another prize in this category is the one-time right to change the in-game name for players reaching level 16. Even those who do not buy an Event Pass will get the right to change names when they reach this level.

Another category is temporary prizes. These awards include clothes and weapon skins that are already in the game market and are very expensive. Those who do not buy an Event Pass for these temporary prizes will not even have access to the relevant levels.

The third category is permanent awards. In this category where 17 different special outfits and 3 different weapon skins are present, the Event Pass purchasers will have permanently retained if they arrive at the relevant level. It will not be possible to buy and sell winning awards on the game market.

Top 10 level awards:

The rewards of levels 11-20:

The rewards of levels 21-30:

The prizes to be awarded are:

The most expensive skin with the clock icon next to it will be taken back after 1 month. All remaining skin and prizes will be permanent.

The first Event Pass tickets will be sold for $ 10, a special price will be set for each country, or sales will be made according to the dollar exchange rate. Even if you do not get the Event Pass, you will continue to skip the level; so if you decide to get an Event Pass on any day of your event, your prizes will be added to your account in bulk according to the levels you have jumped up to that time.

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