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Photos of the BMW X5M were leaked.

What does bmw X5M look like? How strong is the bmw X5M? What is the price of the bmw xm5? New images reveal the lines of the new X5 M of BMW.

The introduction date of the X5 M, the long-time German automotive industry giant BMW, has not been announced yet. Nevertheless, some people or persons who were unknown to whom they were able to secretly photograph the car’s camouflage and spread this photograph to the internet realm.

The car is expected to be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in October, with photos taken from the BMW X5 M in South Carolina, the production plant in Spartanburg (also known as the X5’s main production plant). .

The X5 M photographed is the “Competition” series, which offers about 17 horsepower more than the “Normal” X5 M, and it is recorded that this tremendous power will be transferred to 4 wheels with 8 gears (automatic). The xDrive technology is said to be standard on the vehicle. More details about the vehicle are expected as the official introduction date gets closer.

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