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Outtakes from the historic Apollo 11 moon landing have emerged 49 years after it occurred.

Some images of Apollo 11, the first manned and successful expedition to the Moon, were first published. In the images that have been hidden by NASA for 49 years, we observe the historical events from different angles.

Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins performed the most successful space mission in history in July 1969. It’s been almost half a century past.

In the vast majority of images, you can not see the traces of a professional photographer. Because there was no one to photograph outside the three astronauts during the mission carried out on the lunar surface. Much of the footage contained amateurism. Let’s pass those newly released images without extending the fortune.

One of the historic steps on the lunar surface:

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon just before passing the tariff:

The image of the USA brick in the Moon, ending the space race between the US and the Soviet Union:

Buzz Aldrin, as he puts his sunglasses on his arm’s seat:

Buzz Aldrin, before the second person who set foot on the Moon. The first person to take the photo:

World atmosphere drawn from Apollo 11 on July 16, 1969. You see the hurricane of Bernice in the Pacific:

The lunar module, which is reserved for landing from the command module:

Moon and the Moon from the module:

Moon module descending to the surface:

Commander pilot Michael Colins. He did not go there until he got there. The mission command waited in the module:

Aldrin carries scientific equipment on the surface of the rite to do seismic experiments and collect specimens:

World at 322,000 kilometers from the Command Module:

Aldrin, doing experiments on the Moon:

Moon surface as “very fine grained and almost dusty” as described by Armstrong:

The moon is one of the feet of the module. Armstrong and Aldrin spent 21 hours on the lunar surface:

Plate signed by President Richard Nixon, president of the astronauts and the period, who wrote “On the Moon as the first people to come from planet Earth in July 1969”

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