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One Question Survey: How do you find the design of Apple products?

Design is the most important element in the tough competition of the world’s most valuable companies. If you don’t combine the quality claim with a good design, you end up sad. Apple’s one of the most ambitious companies in the sector in this regard is complicated. Jony Ive, the father of ideas on the design of products and services such as iPhone, iMac, App Store, resigned from the company. On this occasion the promise of techannels followers again …

We have to admit that Apple has been the determinant of some design trends. Although there have been companies that have done what they have done before, the “spreading” phase has come after Apple’s steps. Essential and Sharp Asian, a small US company, didn’t care when they produced the first notched phone. As a matter of fact, Apple saw 25 different notched phone models on the shelves within two months of launching the iPhone X.

The first iPhone introduced in 2007, although Steve Jobs’s vision, was the father of the lines. Before he died, Jobs called his “spiritual partner.” We are talking about Jony Ive, the designer of big brands such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, iMac, Apple Watch and Apple Store. I’ve left Apple this week.

Apple’s design line inspired by Far Eastern philosophies called en zen sad was the work of Jony Ive and Steve Jobs. In a way, I’ve had a signature on every Apple product we’ve ever known.

Did Apple not get any response to the design? He took it, how…

When the design of the iPhone series became more rounded from the iPhone 6, a great response was collected. In the following years, this situation was used. New standards are on track. iMacs and MacBooks have changed over time, though not radical. Changes such as the TouchBar were also held on the ball.

Although there was a reaction on the iPhone front, there was a trend that persistently continued and the eyes got used to it: Notch.


Notches spread. Apple used this in-screen ledge to accommodate infrared sensors. While there was a tendency to increase the display body ratio, manufacturers also adopted this step. With iPhone XS, the company was accused of repeating itself. The subsequent iPad Air and Mini were subjected to similar “repetition” criticisms.

Last but not least, Apple has introduced its Mac Pro high-end computer in recent months:

This computer, which is likened to grater in social media with its lines, was talked about its design rather than its performance. Although it seemed witty, it was clear that the ropes were tightening in the company. Of course, we still don’t have a clear explanation of what’s going on inside, but what has happened is that Jony Ive wasn’t so peaceful in the company after Steve Jobs.

One Question Survey: How do you find the design of Apple products?
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